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Boar Bristle Brush

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Boar Bristle Brush
Boar Bristle Brush

In short - This Brush is Awesome. It will make you look and feel fantastic!

Our Great Lakes Grooming military-style boar's hair bristle brush is fully inspired by the vintage road-worn guitars of the 50's and 60's - The well loved look and feel can not be beat!

Made for your beard in mind the all-natural, 100% pure, boar's hair bristles will help to remove any damaged or dry skin that may have built up under your beard, while also helping to distribute any oil, both natural and applied, evenly throughout - all the way from root to tip!

For best results we recommend use following a cool shower paired with any one of our premium Great Lakes Grooming Beard Oils to keep your beard strong, soft and well maintained!

It's all in the details
Once sanded, relic'd and branded each brush is coated with a matte finish and hand sanded back down ending with a 4000 grit polishing pad (the very same I use when sanding down guitar necks) to ensure that these brushes are a pleasure to use.

It should be noted that because this is a hand relic'd item, results/wear marks will vary from brush to brush. Every brush will be unique and one of a kind, so they will not all be as pictured. Don't worry though, nothing is sent out that isn't as awesome as possible.

To maintain your brush, occasionally comb through removing any stray hairs before rinsing thoroughly with clean water. Do your best to allow it to fully dry before its next use!