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Beard Balm

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Beard Balm
Beard Balm
Handcrafted in the True North, a premium blend of pure, all natural carrier and essential oils. This is an everyday grooming essential that no beardsman should be caught without!

Specifically designed as a balm and a leave in conditioner it is best suited for everyday use, rain or shine, on the trail or on the construction site. Great Lakes Grooming Beard Balms will coat your beard and insulate it from the harsh elements leaving it soft, nourished and lustrous through all weather, in any environment.

Our unique combination of all natural lanolin and beeswax acts as an emollient to rehydrate and repair damaged hair and skin while also acting as a protective barrier that will leave your beard soft and strong.
This combination paired with our carrier oil blend will not only lock in moisture and condition your beard all day long but also provide a subtle lustre and light hold to help keep any stray hairs in line.

Our balms are probably not the best sculpting tool out there, nor are they stiff or waxy, and they will not lock your beard into place. However, they are designed to condition and protect your beard, leaving it with a soft natural hold, perfect for those times when you want her to run her fingers through your beard.

Premium supplies that you will want to use all day, everyday, in any weather we've got your beard covered.
Ready for adventure wherever one may find themselves!